The perfect example of combination between creation and collaboration...a day with Max Büsser




I met with Max Büsser to discuss these topics. We have known each other many years and was eager to learn from his experience. But first, let me tell you another story...


Ask Kara Bennett and she will tell you that collaboration enabled creativity and the other way around...


Kara Bennett is Tarmac Aberthaw's environmental coordinator. She does what she loves and knows being lucky for it. She knows also that it is not always easy to find what you love and even more so to face negativity and obstacles along the way.


For her, it is especially true for young girls. That's where her creativity kicked in. She decided to create a children's book aimed to inspire youngsters while encouraging them to not let go of their dreams.


But it was only after parterning with Alison Powell and Emily Jones that she was able to create the book she envisioned. From creativity to collaboration.


Kara Bennett goes on to explain : "Having worked in heavy industry for years I am disheartened to see just how few women consider it as a career choice." She collabores also with a community outreach program and from there was born the desire to do something about this fact. From collaboration to creativity.


From that elegant mixture a book has finally been published. "What's a Girl To Do?" tells the story of Ellie as she sets out on her quest to be an engineer, but it is not so easy. The book follows her on her path to see if she can make it in a world that can sometimes be so negative.


The book will be distributed to schools from the initial print run and can be requested by emailing Kara Bennet.


Whenever we want to experience something bigger than us. - Max Büsser

So when I asked the same question to Max Büsser, the renowned watch creator, I was eager to hear from him. Collaboration is "working towards a win-win, to bring respect, shared values, ideas, to bring to the table what I cannot do alone and if fun and pleasure can be included, all the better."


Collaboration can have multiple intends, time saving strategy, synergy oriented or creativity oriented but maybe more importantly " in collaborations we open our minds, we take risks, we mature and we grow" add instantly Max Busser. And if team spirit is not necessary, respect and shared values are.


This leads to creativity. He defines it as "transforming our imagination into reality". It comes from everywhere, we absorb influences and creativity is our way to digest this information and use it in a different way, nicer, more intense, more personal.


The creation processus is kind of like a "psychotherapy" for Max. He likes to revisit important periods of his life and create out from them. He insists on a particular point. The ideas do come when he is alone. His spirit needs to be free of worry during those creation phases.


How does creation transform your life?


"To create is foremost to take risks. Taking risks creates pride and generates resilience. Two fundamental emotions to grow, mature and achieve ultimately serenity."




Creating and loving are the cornerstones on which I have built my whole life. - Max Büsser

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