How Curiosity can help your career

Curiosity has always been an integral part of our culture. It brings life to people and enables them to stay alert while, in the same time, open to new ideas.

I was surfing on the net coming to the office this morning when I came accross this article about curiosity. This is the story of Jane Simon Ammeson. She describes herself as the ultimate curious, even a research nerd as she calls herself.

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I read her story with great interest because from her curiosity, she was able to create a career and make a living. She simply decided to write about her curiosity and her findings. She picked her main focus of interest and wrote a book about it. The book was published and since then, she wrote another one.


I had to smile because I strongly feel that curiosity is crucial in our world, in our marketplace and in our company and here is a living example with the story of Jane.


Her curiosity lead her to a great success. 


Be curious...and share


You will find the original article here : From Curiosity to career


Do you share my view about curiosity?