How not to miss the Tech trends as the economy is picking up

Download our summary of the Gartner Top Strategic Tech Trends for 2021



Let’s face it. It has been a difficult 18 months for all of us.

Most companies have suffered and had to rethink the way they operate. You have had to adapt, adjust and move forward, thinking about your clients and your employees, trying to make the best of both worlds.

We have done our best to be on your side.

Now, things are starting to get better, so we thought we would help you figure out the future by rereading the Gartner Top Strategic Tech Trends for 2021 in light of the recent events.


Yuval Keren, our Head of Digital Solutions service line, has prepared a summary of the report. 

Trends have been selected for their transformative potential. It falls into three themes:


  1. people centricity,
  2. location independence,
  3. resilient delivery.

Now is the time to look forward.

Dive into our summary to know in which direction. And of course, if you have more questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Close to you, always.


Take a headstart as things are picking up by downloading your summary of the Gartner report.