I was anxious...


IQ-Day Message from CEV


I was anxious.


The few days before the event, I started to wonder if we did the right thing. I was not anxious because I was afraid it would be a success or a failure. This is inherent to our job. We take risk, adjust and move on.


I was anxious because this day is your day. The IQ-Day is meant to be a day for you. A day when we get together to share and enjoy. I was anxious that the new format would not fit in this model and that you would not profit from it.


I was anxious because in my eyes, this day is your day and it needs to be a good day.


Today I am happy. I am writing to you to thank you.


To thank you because you have been open to a new idea. You didn’t complain or resist. You were there and ready to try something different.


To thank you because you embraced the idea. You moved with the flow and participated actively. You were there talking, sharing, enjoying.


To thank you because you talked to each other, exchange ideas, met and laughed, smiled and wondered. You were alive.


To thank you also because you were critics. You shared what you liked and what you didn’t like so much. What you would enjoy doing again and what you would change.


But maybe most of all, I want to thank you because what I saw during the day is the essence of Itecor. People that feel comfortable enough to go out of their comfort zone to try new things, to embrace new ideas but keep a critic view. Most of all, serious people laughing, knowleadgable people learning, adults with a child mind, open and fresh.


I want to thank you because you made this IQ-Day a special day and helped reminding me the reason I put so much effort in trying to create a special atmosphere here at Itecor.



Today, I have the feeling that together we are successful, sharing is the new multiplier.



Looking forward to next year… and always open to new ideas.