Listen, Honor & Share

Today, I wish to be a bit more personal because this subject is close to my heart. I strongly feel that the human being is the most important piece of an organisation, being a family, a company or a society. We must make sure, first and foremost that this human being is treated well and that we help his development the best we can.





One way to do this is by being attentive to their needs but also to create the right framework in which, they will be able to share. Sharing their life, motivation or fears are essential to their well-being and that well-being is an essential part of the successes we have achieved. Creating a place where people are looking forward to working.

What is sharing for me?


To share is to have a chance to know the each other better. To give them a chance to know you and thus, to understand you better. It is also the possibility to show the other person that you trust him or her. You are enough at ease to be able to share more intimate situations or experiences. By sharing, both build bridges that will enable this trust to grow through the different experiences. By sharing worries and success, ideas and interrogations, you show that you care. And here, at Itecor, we pride ourselves to care about people.

It is not easy to share...


Everybody has experienced times when sharing was seriously difficult. Either because the subject was too personal, the time was not right, or you didn't feel confident enough to tell your story. But everybody has also experienced times when having the courage to share transformed literally the experience, making it lighter to digest or easier to understand.


We, at Itecor, try to set the stage for an easier transmission between colleagues or with the team leaders, the HR or anybody else. The doors are always open, and everybody is welcome to share.

In a way that was the fundamental idea of the IQ-Day. To bring people together for a day, to meet and share. The idea for the IQ-Day, is to reflect that core idea that support our organisation.


To illustrate the idea of sharing, there is one website I like personally, and I would like to share this with you today. This website's mission is to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world. It works both ways. You can either read or listen to stories about people and their lives, depending on subjects and situation or you can record your own story that you wish to share. Personally, I spend time scrolling through the stories. Often, it inspires me to keep doing my job the best I can, and it reminds me that everybody has a story inside of her or him, that everybody has his own story to tell.


Take a minute a go on their website and see for yourself... and let me know your thoughts.


At Itecor, we want to let people decide what to share or not, but we try to set the stage for the trust to grow.


To share is to trust. At Itecor we trust our people, we care about them, period.